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Adventures In The Second Tier Suburbs

I’m working with an out of town client who’s relocating from San Antonio, TX.

Her purchasing criteria are far removed from what I normally deal with here in the city.

For instance, we haven’t looked at anything that was built before 2000. Considering that most of the homes I sell are nearly 100 years old, I’ve had to shift gears considerably.

It’s been a lot of fun. The other day we got drawn into some model homes in the Eden Prairie area. Today we took it a step further and took a look at homes under construction that could be ready in time for my client to move into soon.

My First Hardhat

It was sweet watching that kind of collective construction in action. I’ve done my share of home improvements, but this was a whole new ball of wax.

After that we drove all the way to the other side of town to Maple Grove to view some town homes around a new pedestrian friendly shopping area.

A bit “Disney” for my tastes, but that’s “new urbanism” for you.

Yes, you heard me right, I drove. In fact I’ve driven more in the past three days, then I have in the last three month.


But as I’ve said before, I’m adaptable that way.


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Cyclist Aquitted In Altercation With Airport Police

Last Sept. a local musician, and committed cyclist, was arrested, beaten, and ‘tazed’ by airport police after riding his bicycle down Airport Road away from the Lindberg Terminal.

Yesterday Stephan Orsak of Mahtomedi was acquitted of all but one charge in the incident.

Orsak with his folding bike, which he has used dozens of times to ride to and from airports around the world, including the London Airport which is one of the most secure and security conscience anywhere.

Read the story here and follow Orsak’s blog regarding the incident here.

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I Cannot Tell A Lie

I Drove a Car this weekend.

The Grass Van

For the past several years my next door neighbor has participated in the annual Minneapolis Art Car Parade sponsored by Intermedia Arts.

The Grass Van has taken on several different themes. Once a ten foot pagoda was mounted on top, another year a hula hut with a half dozen hula-ing children made it’s way down the street. Every year a number of neighborhood children get to be in this unique event atop a vehicle that most people remember fondly, including my own kids.

This year I got to get into the act.

I sat behind the wheel of the Grass Van, sweating myself silly as the windows were covered, doing slow S-turns down 28th St. while my neighbor operated a giant wolf puppet from a trailer towed behind, doing battle with a gun-toting Dick Cheney.


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That’s our illustrious Mayor, R.T. Rybak, posing with Dick, who he mercilessly taunted as we made our way to Lyndale Ave.

Art is Politics.

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Cycling: We take ALL types

Is “Fat” the new “thin”

New York Times article

I can certainly attest to this phenomenon. I know guys who outweigh me by at least thirty pounds who go by me like I’m  standing still.

I know riders who were no slouches as young men who just get faster as they approach 50, and beyond.

Silver Cycling
Just keep on pedalin’

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Livin’ In The City

Last week was just about perfect.

“Guy’s Night” Ride

Check out Paul on the white 1×1 frame with the Large Marge rims and the giant tires (Bontrager?). I didn’t have the pleasure of riding it myself, but Diggy said it was like riding on marshmallows.

In a good way.

Aquatennial Milk Carton Boat Race

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I’ve been aware of this unique Minneapolis event since childhood, but have never been until this year when my daughter got drawn into the project with some friends from school.


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That’s her and a classmate heading up the Loch-Tose Monster.

She explained the whole concept to me. On one side of the creatures are scientists, on the other, photographers. Meanwhile, she and her friend are paddling for their lives, desperate to not be caught by the monster that lurks the depths of Lake Calhoun.

As you’ll see things don’t work out according to plan

I was shocked to learn that all the losers, and eventually the winners of this event all take a short walk up the beach to be unceremoniously crushed by a waiting garbage truck.

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There sure were some big boats out there.

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Even helping my friend move was fun.

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Here’s the recipe for the perfect moving experience.

First, purge yourself of half you belongings. Face it, you don’t need that much stuff. Craig’s List is your best friend to this end. People will come and pick up anything you’re willing to give away.

Next,be highly organized.


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Have nearly a dozen friends converge to assist you.




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Feed them well.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And you’re done (the desk was bequeathed to a helper and dropped off while returning the truck).


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


I showed up an hour late and nearly missed the whole thing.

I ended the week with a visit to the Bastille Day Celebration at Cafe’ Barbette. The Alt BMX team had the big ramps out getting rad, and The Northstar Roller Girls were having a mini-battle in the lot.

Dinner at Tin Fish.

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And a ride around the Lake before heading home.

Like I said. Perfect.

Next week, Musicapolis

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Mixed Messages

“It is hypocritical to offer advice on promoting cycling, but at the same time ban your staff from using bikes. If Jacobs does not understand how important cycling is to TfL, we need to ask whether they are the right sort of company to work with.”

-London Assembly member Jenny Jones



Read the full BBC article here.

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Open Houses and Other Delights

It’s going to be a busy weekend.

First I’m hosting an Open House at one of our listings in the Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Saturday, July 14th. 11:00-1:00pm

4143 Wentworth Ave.


It’s a great 3 bedroom home, 2 Bath home in an excellent residential neighborhood. Features include hardwood floors, central air, an updated kitchen, and a lovely formal dining room.

Please stop by.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to point out a couple other outstanding properties on the market that have particular appeal to cyclists.

2641 35th Ave. S.


This lovely 2 bedroom, 1 bath Seward Cottage is impeccably staged and located a block away from the Longfellow Greenway entrance at Brackett Park and blocks from the River Parkway, making it an ideal home for the cycling enthusiast/commuter. Hardwood floors, formal dining room, garage with attached workshop, and a 3-season porch that would be an outstanding and secure bike storage area.

5209 37th Ave. S.


This is the perfect, worry-free starter home in the Nokomis neighborhood. It has a new furnace, newer A/C and water heater, new paint inside and out, a huge insulated garage that is ready for gas heat. Hardwood floors, formal dining room, and plenty of room to grow and expand. Located blocks away from Minnihaha Parkway, The Falls, River Road and the trails to Fort Snelling and beyond.

Also happening this weekend is the opening of the Aquatennial. This year my daughter will be participating in the Milk Carton Boat Race with a few of her friends. Come to Thomas Beach on Lake Calhoun cheer them on and laugh yourself silly.


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