Do Clothes Really Make The Man?

Many people would say, yes.

In my previous life I dressed like a teenager, ready for action at all times.

Although I still need to be ready at a moment’s notice to go negotiate a deal or meet a new client, and what I am wearing has little to no effect on how I actually do my job, my attire is a reflection of how seriously I take my work.

I have struggled to find that fine line between professional dress and active business casual, and believe you me, my options are limited, especially when you take into account the pedaling factor.

My dear friend Rich and I were talking about this at our weekly neighborhood potluck last night. He turned me on to an excellent resource for stylish wool riding knickers.

Rich is an excellent resource for these kinds of things, as he’s a Bridgestone completist who spends a fair amount of time searching out Retro Grouch gear online. He’s also a tenured psychology professor and one of the smartest people I know.

Not to mention he channels The Boss and sings a wicked Born To Run.

Separated at Birth


Also on the knicker tip, my neighbor Mia has a small clothing company where she’ll recycle an old pair of pants, hem them into riding knickers and use the remaining material to make a sweet cycling cap or an attractive downtube pad for you’re bike. You can find her here, and I believe she has marketing materials at Cars-r-Coffins Coffee Bar on 34th and Lyndale.

I’ve got an appointment in Uptown, see you later


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    rich said,

    if you really want high-end, sexy cycling clothing, check out rapha at

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