Reflecting On The City Infastructure-For Good and Ill

I took a long bike ride over the weekend.

No work, no kids, just me and the Diamondback Podium.

I rode the Greenway loop, from my house to Hopkins, and around to Cedar Lake Bike Highway.

I detoured north up the parkway and did a lap on the city trails at Theodore Wirth.

Totally dry, even after a heavy rain

At one point in the loop, I clipped a tree making a right turn. I cracked the casing on my new shifter, lost my headlight in the brush, and put a nice bruise on my deltoid, but like I always say; “If you don’t bleed, you’re not trying.”

The point is, it doesn’t matter if you’re a roadie, a dirt rider, or just like pedalin’ around. Being a cyclist in Minneapolis does not suck.

I made my way back, through downtown, and got as close as I could to the site of the 35W bridge collapse.


This was my first trip to the site since the event happened over a month ago. There were better vantage points to see the magnitude of the disaster, but I couldn’t take my eyes off all the twisted steel they’ve collected.


They haven’t even cleared away the section that had fallen directly onto the bike path that crosses under the former highway. I hope the death count doesn’t go up when they do.

I used to ride that route with my family on a weekly basis. There, but for the grace of god, go I.


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