Realtor Open 2.0

Realtor Tour happens every Tuesday in my world.

Every week, most Realtors in the area congregate at their offices and have a sales meeting. There you discuss current market activity and trends, who’s posted listings in the past week (I’m top lister of the month for the first time ever!), discuss important news, get tips from real estate resources, and pick up the week’s tour sheet.

Tour sheets have all the new listings from every company that will be hosting early afternoon open houses for licensed Realtors to preview, for their customers or for their own edification to keep tabs on market inventory.

Other times you just show up to see who’s serving lunch.

Realtors can be a fussy bunch when it comes to property and cars, but not when it comes to the food they eat, particularly on Tuesadys . Most of the time a lunch at a Realtor open is considered ‘high-end’ when the Realtor chooses Jakeeno’s over Pizza Hut.

I decided to turn it up to eleven for the Realtor Open at my new listing.

I picked up a sushi platter at Whole Foods (a sweet deal for the price, very fresh) and based on the helpful advice of the representative at the liquor store on Lyndale Ave, a bottle of Austrian Riesling.

The seller threw down as well with organic fruit, cheese and nuts.

Throw in a couple of pre-noon Sierra Nevadas and you’ve got yourself a couple dozen happy Realtors.

The ‘meat and potato’ guys at my office gave me a funny look when I told them that I was serving sushi.

They were the one’s who hogged all the spicy tuna rolls when they showed up.

Feedback on the home was really good as well, but people are always liberal with compliments when their bellies are full of raw fish and three kinds of exotic cheese. Knowhatimean?


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    rich said,

    that listing is in my ‘hood. very close to kowalski’s and minnehaha creek. is it part of the burroughs community school area? those are big selling points for sure to young couples (with kids esp). with the upgrade of the crosstown, should make commutes easier too…when, of course, the homeowners are not cycling to work/play/school. nice work on the listing and making top lister!

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