(Local) Celebrity Bike Sales

I spend most Wednesdays at The Alt.

In a week I’ll be celebrating my eleventh anniversary as an on-again/off-again employee of one of the Twin Cities most established bike shops.

There are several reasons why I continue to work in a bike shop, even as I sally forth into my real estate career.

I like being wired into the industry and seeing product and sales trends from the inside.

I like purchasing my gear at a discount.

But most of all I really like helping people find the right bike for them and help them as they make it their own and build a lifetime relationship with bicycles.

I have customers who first came in ten years ago who are now as ingrained in bicycle culture as myself. It makes my heart go ‘thumpy-thumpy’.

My friend Allie brought in her Electra Townie

and had it outfitted with an XtraCycle so she could haul her daughter and necessities around town.

Wish I’d taken a picture of the finished product, because it looked very cool. It handles kinda strange with the long wheelbase, but it is enormously stable and you can carry upwards of 200 lbs.!!!!

The sale of the day however was to local gossip columnist C.J.

She was upgrading from her twenty year old Ross to a new Marin hybrid. She brought in her old bike and wanted to have all her accessories installed on the new one.

She was a demanding customer, insisting that we take the painted white handlebar off her old bike and put it on the new one, even though the handlebar on her new bike was exactly the same as the white one, only silver.

As I began to work on the switchover I tried to casually let her know that she had her helmet on backwards.

Eventually she got tired of waiting as I rewired her cycling computer and did the final safety check and she ventured across the street to do some window shopping.

When I was all finished I stepped outside looking for her and saw her hustling across the street having just stepped out of Smitten Kitten.

As she approached, she looked at me stoically and stated; “Just so you know….that store has nothing to do with cats.


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    Scott Graham said,

    Cross, that might be the best entry ever. You punched CJs card, I like it. You should have sent her to the Cockpit Project!

    Link my blog up.


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