The Pre-Fab Invasion

I heard this story on NPR.

The weeHouse comes to Linden Hills

Although many communities are becoming more accustomed to homes showing up on trucks rather then being built in a traditional fashion, this must have been quite a spectacle in Linden Hills, where the home was lifted off a trailer and cleared the old neighborhood trees with the help of a 165ft. crane.

A lot of new buyers have looked at the option of buying lots and having a pre-fab home plopped on their land.

My in-laws recently moved into their new pre-fab home on the Mississippi and I have to say I was very impressed with the construction. The homes are extremely energy efficient and since they are built on jigs in a factory, the quality of construction is arguably better then a home built from the foundation up.

weeHomes are built on a modern “boxy” design and boast a very contemporary selection of cabinetry and fixtures.

Check them out HERE.


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