The Most Wonderful Time……

Autumn is without a doubt my favorite time to be on two wheels. I’m especially prone to spending hour upon hour (or even all day) in the saddle. I might have some late-season goal I’m trying to reach, or I just might find a dozen short trips to make, spinning from one place to the next.

Today’s first trip was with Diggy. He’s a full-on retro-grouch, riding his vintage RB-1. Earlier this week we began the task of resurrecting his MB-4 into a boss single-speed for the winter, but I digress….

We met on the Greenway, and pedaled around the Lakes. He’d never taken the route to Fort Snelling, so we made our way down the Parkway and South along the river to the Fort trail. When we got near the bottom I asked if he wanted to climb a hill that would tear his legs off, he didn’t squawk, so I led him up the hill to the Mendota Bridge.

After a brief rest we headed back as it was almost time for my son’s soccer practice.

But something very big had to happen first.

It’s my son’s seventh birthday this Monday, and just as I had done with his sister before him I splurged and got him his first brand name bike; a Kona Makena with 6 speeds, hand brakes and twenty inch wheels.

He was a little nervous about the hand brakes as his previous bike was a coaster, but it took him all of ten seconds to get the hang of it.

First adventure on the new bike: the Greenway to Kix Field.

This well kept field is home to the UrbanStars soccer league. He and a number of other kids his age get nice reversible jerseys to wear to bi-weekly games with good coaches and no goalies. He has a blast.

Afterward we picked up dinner at the Midtown Global Market.

All said and done, I probably put on 40 miles. I’ll chalk it up to prep work for Cyclo-Cross season.

That is if I survive the Homie Fall Fest.


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