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It’s Working!

I had the pleasure of doing Cycling Home Tours all weekend!

I met my new clients, who were referred to me specifically for my unique buyer’s services, on Saturday. They are from the East coast and will be relocating to Minneapolis  for new positions at the U of M.

They both currently commute by bicycle and were interested in finding a home that would allow them to continue that habit.

They didn’t have their own bikes on the trip, so I pulled a couple out of my quiver and we toured several homes in the Uptown, Kingfield, Seward and MacGroveland neighborhoods of Minneapolis and a St. Paul.

The two of them really appreciated how touring homes on bikes really gives an invaluable perspective on a neighborhood, taking in things that you would normally dismiss as you drove past.

For them it was also very helpful in getting their bearings in a new town.

The weather was glorious. The leaves were in full color. They sky was perfectly clear.

It couldn’t have been more enjoyable. I love this part of the job.


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International Bike Friendly Cities

Apparently we didn’t make the cut.

Lot’s of European cities on the list. That Bike Lift in Trondheim is sweet.

I wish they install one of those on hills in St. Paul.

You’d expect that a city in China might make the list just out of sheer numbers of people who ride bikes for transportation.

Perhaps the local bike census will change that.

You can see a map of bike traffic counts by clicking HERE.

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My Kind of Ad

Watch this Errol Morris Commercial

As far as the cheap beer goes I guess I’m more partial to PBR.

But Beer of the year (in my humble opinion) goes to:

It wasn’t around for long, but it was beautiful.

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300 Homes On The Auction Block This Weekend

This story came in under the radar this morning.

More than 300 homes on auction block

Want to purchase a house for half its price? More than 300 foreclosed homes across Minnesota will be auctioned this weekend. “It’s a sign of the times” and just a fraction of the fallout from the subprime mortgage meltdown.

I can’t say it comes as a surprise.

Like the article states, although this is the largest auction of it’s kind to ever occur in Minnesota, the homes going on the block today and tomorrow represent only a tiny fraction of the homes currently in foreclosure in the metro area.

If you’ve got the cash and are looking for a tremendous deal, the Minneapolis Convention Center is the place to be.

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Town Hall Meeting For Expanding Minneapolis Off-Road Trails System

Big Thanks To Wheels for making this happen:


Well, Speak up!

For the last 6 years MOCA and MORC volunteers have been working with the
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) to bring legal off-road trails to
the Minneapolis park system. The effort has resulted in a 4 mile trail system
near the Theodore Wirth par 3 golf course. But this is just the beginning.

The pilot project was a great success, with the formal recognition of the trail’s
legal status and value as a recreational resource by the MPRB.

In our continuing effort to develop a complete trail system, MOCA has been
working with the MPRB other community groups to plan and coordinate the
building of a 10-12 mile loop, extending from Cedar Lake Park to the current
trail system near Sweeny Lake.

As a component of the MPRB’s new master plan, MOCA has been asked to provide
a proposal for the design and implementation of the complete trail system. This
proposal will cover design, maintanence, and funding of the project as well as logistics
and cooperation with other concerned community groups.

There are many ways you can help this become a reality, but regardless of your ability
to contribute – we’re asking you to attend our “Town Hall” meeting at One on One Bike
to hear about the current status of the trail system and the groundwork MOCA has laid
for the future of the larger system.

Please come out and feel free to speak your concerns, complaints, and viewpoint.

MOCA leaders will provide an annotated overview of our history and current efforts, to
be followed by an open discussion by the community about the future of the trails.

8:00PM Wednesday October 24th

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New Must Have Accessories

At Home

Or About Town,

Front wheels are becoming a thing of the past.

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Weekend Antics

Rest up kids. This weekend is going to get wild.

1st, you got The Homie Fall Fest.

I’ve talked to a few people who feel intimidated by the raucous reputation of this event. Trust that there will be no virgin sacrifices, but perhaps it would be best if you leave the kids at home.

Bring beer and a good attitude. Be ready to ride, but not race. Costumes are highly appreciated.

Sunday is race day.

Given the rain this week it could be a classic sloppy cross race. Look for mud and dollar bill preems.

I’m going to try to do the C race on my single speed and the B race on the Podium. Of course that is if I survive Homie.

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