Welcome to Rock-tober-Consider Yourself Rocked

I have been out of my tree the past couple weeks.

I worked hard to get that Seward house sold

Along with my own transactions, I also process all the transactions for The Mugge Group here at the Minneapolis South office (otherwise known as “The Center of the Real Estate Universe”…….. No, seriously.)

Hours before he left for a two week vacation one of the group members dropped three transactions on my desk. They were all still in process, a couple required further negotiation, and one of them was out in the second tier suburbs.

You all know how much I enjoy going south of the river.

I also had to scramble on information on a pending commercial deal.

Long story short, come last Friday I needed a break. And I got one.

The Supersuckers: Live at The Cabooze

I’ve been going to see The Supersuckers (aka The Stupid Fuckers, aka The Greatest Rock and Roll Band In The World) since the early Sub Pop days.

First time was in The Entry when they opened up for The Cows. They were hungry back then, big smiles on their faces because they knew if they weren’t doing this they’d be pumpin’ gas.

Now, almost twenty years later, they’ve got their own record label, a legion of loyal fans, and a catalog that can vary from the 30 second punk song to the languid alt-country ballad.

Of the dozens of Supersuckers shows I’ve seen, this was certainly in the top three.

Rontrose was on fire. He did NOT want to quit.

Thanks for The GoldTop, Luck, and M-U-D-Head, Mudhead, That’s Me.



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