Ride Of The Year

Every Autumn a ride will sneak up on me, kick my ass, and feed my soul.

Today was the day for that ride.

Last year it was myself, my son, and my dear friend Leisl

This year, the agenda changed and the crew grew…significantly.

Photo by Rich Lee, well actually some woman walking around the lake took the picture.

 Rich had been planning this one for a couple weeks after reading some tantalizing Dara Moskowitz food reviews in the City Pages.

The plan was to ride en mass to Big Daddy’s Bar-B-Que in St. Paul for a pork feast, and then back to Uptown for gourmet cupcakes at Letterbox.

Having stopped into the later last weekend to sample to written-up wares (which were sold out by 2pm), I was informed that on this Saturday there would be NO cupcakes.

So in an effort to retain the theme, Rich changed up the schedule and we rode from Midtown to Cupcake.

Rich and H-Dub

Eph and Kurt

This proved to be just a culinary warm-up.

We rode across the river and made a pit stop,

Ms. Strauss’ Hot New Surly Long Haul Trucker

and up Summit Ave. (which is a beautiful ride this time of year).

When we arrived at Big Daddy’s there was a line out the door.

Like the sign says: Big Daddy’s is open for business on Saturdays.

The inside has plastic walls and no tables.

It’s simply where they dish out the meat and take your money.

3 enormous grills going right there in the parking lot.

Another Rich Lee contribution

Apparently, they go through 2000 lbs. of pork ribs. That didn’t include the beef or chicken.

It was amazing.

Laden with what must have totaled about 35 lbs. of meat, we rode to Como Park to feast.

I doubt we ate a third of what we ordered.

Afterward, we had to sit around for over an hour before we could even think about riding bikes.

We had a great ride back. I just took the lead, and set the pace all the way to the East Bank of the U.

When we crossed the Washington Ave. Bridge, we saw how they are laying out the steel portions of the 35W bridge.



I’m going to suffer like a dog at Boom Island CycloCross tomorrow.






2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    WWDD said,

    as you noted elsewhere, the flintstones beef ribs were just as tasty on day 2 as on saturday. amazingly good stuff. glad we went yesterday when the weather was amazing and not today, all gray and chilly.

  2. 2

    S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y! Made for fun.

    Sunday is made for pain, at least during Cross season.

    Next Week is Homie Fall Fest.

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