Town Hall Meeting For Expanding Minneapolis Off-Road Trails System

Big Thanks To Wheels for making this happen:


Well, Speak up!

For the last 6 years MOCA and MORC volunteers have been working with the
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) to bring legal off-road trails to
the Minneapolis park system. The effort has resulted in a 4 mile trail system
near the Theodore Wirth par 3 golf course. But this is just the beginning.

The pilot project was a great success, with the formal recognition of the trail’s
legal status and value as a recreational resource by the MPRB.

In our continuing effort to develop a complete trail system, MOCA has been
working with the MPRB other community groups to plan and coordinate the
building of a 10-12 mile loop, extending from Cedar Lake Park to the current
trail system near Sweeny Lake.

As a component of the MPRB’s new master plan, MOCA has been asked to provide
a proposal for the design and implementation of the complete trail system. This
proposal will cover design, maintanence, and funding of the project as well as logistics
and cooperation with other concerned community groups.

There are many ways you can help this become a reality, but regardless of your ability
to contribute – we’re asking you to attend our “Town Hall” meeting at One on One Bike
to hear about the current status of the trail system and the groundwork MOCA has laid
for the future of the larger system.

Please come out and feel free to speak your concerns, complaints, and viewpoint.

MOCA leaders will provide an annotated overview of our history and current efforts, to
be followed by an open discussion by the community about the future of the trails.

8:00PM Wednesday October 24th


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