Saturday Ride and Restaurant Review

It’s getting cold and rather blustery here in Minneapolis. Although I will continue to ride through the winter, It’s easy to understand why most Minnesotans will retire the two-wheeled conveyance until spring.

Rich put out the call this weekend (and planned the route) for what may very well be the last casual group ride of the year.

Due to familial commitments I had to miss the first portion of the ride out to Theodore Wirth Park and met the crew at One On One Bike Studio downtown. Along with the impressive collection of bicycles, Gene-O has put up an enormous display of acquired mounted animal heads. It’s quite the sight.

Many of my fellow riders hadn’t been to this unique bike shop before, so I took them all down to the basement for a tour of what must be one of North America’s largest collection of used bicycles and parts. I must say, that basement gets a little tidier every time I go down there. On my first trip down, about seven years ago, it was basically a huge pile of bikes in various states of disrepair eight feet high and nearly half a city block long.

Now, nearly half the space is dedicated to well merchandised used bicycles. The gnarly bike pile still remains, but it’s ominous size and grandeur has diminished as more and more of those bikes get recycled into two-wheeled Franken-bikes.

We then crossed the river into Nord-East. In keeping with the tradition of ‘one step forward, two steps back’ that has been the theme of these Saturday adventures, one of our stops was Brasa.

Located just outside the warehouse district in what appears to be a renovated automotive repair shop, Brasa dishes out the meat.

Our group order two full pounds of pulled pork, a pound of roasted chicken and full orders of collard greens, spinach, grits, yams and cornbread… all of it delicious. Absolutely everything got ‘et.

Since my birthday was the following day, everyone chipped in a bought me slice of cake with buttercream frosting.

Life is good.

Afterward we made a take-out delivery to Sara at the Uppercut Boxing Studio, a quick tour of every cobbled street we could find, and stop for a beer at Grumpy’s before making our way back south via the Greenway.

I don’t think I broke a sweat the entire time.

Some days are like that.


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