How Many Politicians Does It Take To Cut A Ribbon






It was quite windy and cold. All the male politicians and representatives of the designers and contracting companies opted for polar fleece over the Brooks Brothers suit. The women politicians however, did not. The event moved along at a good clip.

I turned up just late enough to miss the free Peace Coffee.




Just seconds before, McGruff was giving me the dirtiest look…I swear to god.

Here’s the mayor’s speech followed by some flowery thoughts by George Puzak “The Godfather of the Greenway”

The they marched everyone up to a point where absolutely no one could see what was happening, cut the “ribbon” that no one saw and everyone took a cursory trip over the bridge.

Most of the cyclists had to walk their bikes as there were too many pedestrians for them to ride through.

The bottleneck got even worse when people began coming back the other way.

It was far too light to be able to appreciate the lighting effects.

It’s pretty clear tonight. I think I might zip over there and take a look at it in “The Dark”.


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