I took the family out for The Minnesota Cyclo-Cross State Championships yesterday out at Bassett Creek Park.

This year’s event was organized by Hollywood Cycles, Kenwood Cycles, and Birchwood Cycles; hence the name Major Wood Productions.

This marks the end of the 2007 competitive cycling season, and is always very fun, even if you are just there to watch.

Unfortunately, in my efforts to make sure my family would be comfortable at the venue, I forgot my camera.

Too bad too. Race highlight of the day; Tight barriers at the top of the course made for some awesome bunny-hop action in the “A” race.

One guy made it over a few times, then after successfully leaping the first, hit the second and did a full flip, picked up his bike, took a whiskey shot hand-up and got back on for another lap.

Check photo set HERE

He redeemed himself next time around, clearing both barriers, but when he came down his front tire came all the way off the rim. He picked up his bike, ran to the pits, and next lap came around on a different bike.

He finished the race…well.

Sorry for the lack of footy.

Watch This Instead. Its equally cool.


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