Pet Resuce-Update


Our foundling, Gigi, has been with us for a few months now, and as you can see, has made herself quite comfortable.

Although she does have several bouts of “the crazies” throughout the day (and evening) she otherwise hangs out in one of several warm spots she has found in the house; on top of radiators, under lamps, on my lap, and occasionally cuddled up with our old dog, Blue.

Blue has been my mostly companion for thirteen years, and was no spring chicken when I got him, putting him somewhere between fifteen and seventeen years old.

Gigi does make his life difficult at times, attacking him in his bed, and laying in wait to bat at his face with her over-sized paws as he walks by, but for the most part she loves Blue, and he takes her innocent abuse in stoic fashion.

Gigi has of late become increasingly fascinated by the outdoors. Whenever I let Blue out to do his doggy business, she’ll always make her best effort to sneak out as well. Now that it’s getting rather cold, I do my best to prevent this, as I have no desire to go out to retrieve her, but when she does get out, she’ll usually just sit on the stoop listening to the birds in the trees for a minute or two before she is desperate to get back in the house shivering with cold and fear of the unknown world beyond the back stoop.

She is now three times the size she was when we brought her in, and has increased her food intake exponentially, which also increases the ‘output’. Thankfully I have a ten-year-old daughter eager to earn more allowance who has taken on litter box duty.

Sometimes I look at Gigi, and think to myself; “What the hell is this cat doing in my house?”

But I’ll admit, I love her. It was fate that stuck her in our fence and brought her into our home.

My wife too, has come to love the cat like it was a new child. Thankfully this ‘baby’ requires neither formula, late night feedings or diaper changes.


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