Let The Bike Car Wars Begin

Last year, three professional snowboarders created a Bike Car, traveled with all their gear to a number of ski/snowboard resorts, and made a interesting documentary about it.


Other then curious looks, a few flat tires, and some clever circumnavigating around barriers to bike paths, they had little trouble completing their 800+ mile mission.

Now a Toronto based artist has tried something a little different. He gutted the body of a 1986 Buick Regal and outfitted it with four pedal/chain drives.

Unfortunately they didn’t get more then a couple blocks from the gallery before they ran afoul of Toronto’s Finest.

The whole crew of Bike Cops rolling by in formation right when they get pulled over is just too visually serendipitous. But seeing as none of them came to the defense of those riding in the bike car shows that they are cops first and cyclists second.

What I want to know is, what kind of gear ratio would you need to roll a full auto chassis using only pedal power? Engine or no engine, ‘dem Buicks are heavy.

Thanks Rich.


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    Gramo said,

    Hello Cross, Good stuff as always. A friend sent me to YouTube to see a video of a truck chassis somebody outfitted with pedal power with about 20 riders. I recognized the setting as the Northup King Bldg in NE Minneaplpuss. I can’t find the link now but it is worthy of a post on your blog. Perhaps yu could equip yourself with such a vehicle and use it to tote around real estate clients?? Look for a Pacer with a blown engine.

    Keep up the good work. I will be home from New York City in March.


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