We’re #7! We’re #7

Add “FUN” to our list of accolades

In addition to past ranking successes like livability, place to raise a family, green living, biking, and more, it turns out that the Twin Cities are fun, too. Bizjournals.com—the nation’s largest publisher of metropolitan business newspapers, including the Minnneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal—gave the Twin Cities a rank of 7 out of 50 metro areas in their “fun city” poll.

We’re no Las Vegas, but we ranked 6th in gambling. We’re no Boston, but we ranked 9th in shopping. We’re no New York, but we ranked 13th in culture. It’s these across-the-board good scores that helped us ahead of warm-weather locales like Phoenix, Miami, and Houston. We do pretty well in all categories measured for fun, which included gambling, sports (high and low impact), shopping, culture, popular entertainment, and food and drink.

Top 10 Fun Cities
1. New York
2. Boston
3. Chicago
4. Los Angeles
5. Seattle
6. San Francisco–Oaktizzle
7. Minneapolis–St. Paul
8. Pittsburgh (bowling alleys galore!)
9. Philadelphia
10. Providence (can you say “marina”?)

Read the full article. 


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