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Man…Is It Cold Or What?

The deep freeze has returned with a vengeance.

The temperature here in the Twin Cities dropped almost 50 degrees in 24 hours.

Be careful riding out there.

And watch this vintage Snowball’s Chance footage from 2002. Finest finish line derby…ever!

Where I come from “rubbin is racin” and that kind of tactic is fully legit as long as you keep your hands on the bars.

Something tells me if I pulled such shenanigans at the Art Shanty BIcycle Race that I’ll disqualified and run off the ice.

Banished, but victorious.


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Wood Bike!

This young man, 16 year-old high school student Marco Facciola, has built a complete bike out of wood for his International Baccalaureate.

Complete with all wood chain

And freewheel

That wood freewheel mechanism is a nice piece of work, but I did observe that the bike is currently brakeless.

Should have made it a fixie.

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Art Shanty Bike Races!

This past Saturday’s event was captured by Hapa-9, Master of ceremonies at the Norae Shanty.

I am so there next Saturday for at least two of the three races beginning at noon.

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Bike Furniture

How the discerning Cycling Home Tour customer will furnish their new home.

See their complete line of furniture HERE.

I remember scoping out those tires (in blue) when I was looking for new rubber for my cruiser.

If memory serves, they glow in the dark.

Day View

Night View


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Memorial Ride For Rachel Dow

There is a ride this Saturday leaving from Chaing Mai Thai in Uptown celebrating the memory of Rachel Dow.

Skirts are apparently optional.


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Rachel Dow’s Memorial

Words cannot express just how moving last week’s ceremony celebrating Rachel’s life was.

I was expecting something akin to an Irish wake.

Instead I walked into one of the most collective expressions of raw emotion and grief I have ever felt.

As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t know Rachel personally. She was one of my ilk who’s face I’d frequently see at the events that draw our community together.

The connection I felt to her collective memory while in that room with her family and friends was extraordinarily powerful.

One of the speakers was the normally witty and loquacious Tom (aka Hurl of CRC) who was one of Rachel’s employers. Tom stumbled with his thoughts, nearly breaking down at the podium. You know Hurl is hurting when he’s at a loss for words.

Another of Rachel’s employers (the owner of Chang Mi Thai) also stood up and gave a very moving speech about Rachel that truly captured his feelings.

People kept coming in throughout the lovely ceremony. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were over three hundred people in total.

It was a sad day, but I was filled with pride for our community who were really present during this difficult time.

My continued condolences to Rachel’s friends and family.

There is now another blog where people can post memories and pictures of Rachel.

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Art Shanty Project is ON!

The Norae Shanty

This is one of the few reasons to venture outside during the deep freeze.

The ice on Medicine Lake is the strongest it’s been since the project began several years ago, and this year’s artist participation is up significantly.

Knitting Shanty
Norae Shanty Mike Hoyt’s website click here
Postal Shanty their website click here
Shanty Of Misfit Toys
The Black Box Theatre Shanty
Abandoned Antarctic Shanty
Art car Taxi Their website: click here
Giant Robot
Snap Shot Shanty
Survival Shanty
The Green Easy
Big Fish Eating Ice Fishing House
Ice Museum
Med Lake Drawing Club
Medicine lake Fisheries
Mobile Shanty
Shanty on Wheels

One of this year’s entries is a Bicycle Shanty!

Refrigerator Doors as insulation…clever

Complete with Bike Races every Saturday at noon!

This past opening weekend was brutally cold. No doubt that some hard cores made it to the race, but I was not one of them.

Next weekend looks to be in the double digits for temperature.

I’ll go race, then sing.

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