Winter Commuting

Check out this featured video at the Star-Tribune.

I know a couple of those folks. The young lady with the piercings is a friend I’ll meet up with for late night karaoke sessions at U-Otter or Pi.

She rides everywhere.

It would’ve been cool to see them focus on gear options for riders braving the harsh winter conditions, as this is the difference between free-dom and free-zing.

I rode myself yesterday to a New Year’s Brunch and forgot my Gore-Tex lined hat and regretted it.

Goggles are a must, but you can’t go for the cheap ones. Double lenses with good venting keep your vision clear and a majority of your face warm.


Add a good Ninja-Clava and you’re good to go from the neck up.

Gloves are a personal choice. Craft has some fine options,

But as an avid snowboarder I lean toward the dexterity of the products offered by the snowsports industry.


As for footwear, I’m loving those slip-on loafers I bought for work.

They are roomy enough to accommodate a warm sock and I can still slip a neoprene bootie over them if I’m riding for more then an hour or going to get exceedingly wet.

Read the full article HERE .

Ride Fast Take Chances


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    Rich said,

    hey, what kind of ninja-clava is the one pictured?

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