Sad News In The Minneapolis Cycling Community

Rachel Dow, 29, of Minneapolis, was reported missing on Friday.
Her body was pulled from the Mississippi River the next day.
Photo: Brian Rose
The body pulled out of the Mississippi River Saturday afternoon has been identified.The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office identified the body as 29-year-old Rachel Dow of Minneapolis. She had been reported missing on Friday.
The recovery took place near the West River Parkway at 38th Street.Friends of Dow’s gathered near the river while police were recovering the body.

Those friends said she was a student at the University of Minnesota and liked to bike along the river.

A resident called 911 Saturday morning saying that they saw a body in the river. Friends found Dow’s bike nearby shortly after.

“It’s tough. It’s really tough. Anyone in Minneapolis knows this is a pretty tight biking community. This is a person on a bike, you know? She is a really sweet girl, really nice, really smart and really friendly,” said Brian Rose.

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I didn’t know Rachel, but when I watched the video in the article I saw several faces of friends who are obviously distraught at the news that their friend is gone.

There is still no word if this was the result of a tragic accident or foul play. I certainly hope it’s the former. The last thing our community needs is more fear of riding alone.

B-Rose looks really upset. That guy is currently the soul of our local community. When he hurts, we all hurt.

My condolences to all of Ms. Dow’s family and loved ones.


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