Success Despite All The Bad Spin

There has been nothing but bad news flying around about the current housing market.

-Housing Starts (New Construction) at the lowest levels in 27 years, which as a leading indicator of the strength of the overall economy, spreads concern throughout the markets about the likelihood of a recession.

-A serious tightening on lending and appraisal practices.

-Home values in the Twin Cities actually dropping for the first time in recent memory.

And yet I’ve had the busiest January since I started four years ago.

I finalized a sale for my most recent Cycling Home Tour clients on their beautiful home in Prospect Park.

And during the first week of the new year I received four referrals for new clients, all of them buyers!

With interest rates at record lows (5.3% on a conventional 30 year fixed rate mortgage!) and inventory at record levels, there has never been a better time to buy.

With lending practices coming under greater scrutiny (trust me, this is a very good thing), it is more important then ever to speak to a qualified Home Mortgage Specialist who can counsel you on how to take advantage of the current market conditions and how to structure your expenses in order to buy the home of your dreams without stretching beyond your means.

If you are thinking of buying now or in the near future, call me for a free, no obligation consultation on how you can make the most of this current housing market. My go-to loan officer is amazing. Like an experienced surgeon, she can sit you down, ask a few simple questions about your current financial situation and tell you in no uncertain terms what you can realistically consider when looking for your new home.

She’s got the sweetest demeanor, both in person and on the phone, but don’t be fooled, this woman is an absolute bulldog when it comes to representing her client’s best interest.

Last closing I went to with her she made the title people cry, and got the client a serious rebate on title services right there at the closing table. It was a beautiful sight.

Use the Contact Me tab at the top of the page or simply call (612) 236-7695.


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