Bike Lane Violators Beware

Big Brother Internet is watching you and keeping track of your violations.

Check out all the violators HERE.

There is even an entry for Minneapolis.

It’s true that nationwide cops are rather lax on dishing out tickets to people who park in bike lanes.

However I’m inclined to cut slack to the ubiquitous sight of a car parked “illegally” to help someone jump start another vehicle.

This isn’t a big problem here in Minneapolis like it is in say NYC, as our downtown lanes are mostly in the middle of the street, and when they’re not (Bryant Ave, Minnihaha), people just don’t double park here.

But on a morning like today (temperatures well below zero) when grease in your single speed freewheel can freeze, even I’ll stop to help out one of the ten percent of cars who might need a little assistance to get going. I haven’t gone so far as to carry jumper cables in my mess bag, but during the brutally long month of January, we are all in this together.

I’m dreaming of a long ride…..

….without tights and a ninja-clava.


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