In The News….

A woman was arrested riding her bike down the street (on a particularly frigid day), with a shotgun slung over her back.

Read the story HERE

Just for the record: I’m all about people riding their bikes to get from one place to another.


I’m also for gun control.

Seriously folks, when handling firearms, use both hands.

In other Bike/Crime news, police in Buckeye, AZ are looking for a robbery suspect who was caught on a closed circuit camera wearing a Marzocchi sweatshirt while committing the crime.

Police are using the suspension fork company’s distribution channels in order try to track down the suspect.

The lesson here is, when committing heinous acts against citizenry, it would be best to leave the Swobo gear at home.

Gene doesn’t need the cops snooping around and asking questions.



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  1. 1

    Ahna said,

    Tell me about the screen play that you pitched to carrot top?! I didn’t know that you were writing, too. You are kind of the jack of all trades, huh?!
    When can you hang for a cup of joe?

  2. 2

    B Rose said,

    Damn Freeriders have no respect for anything…

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