History Arrived In The Mail

My good friend Wheels received this in the mail today.

It was produced in the mid-’60’s and is arguably the very first production BMX bike.


Wheels is a former National BMX Champion and an avid collector of vintage 20″ wheeled bikes.

The bike is actually fully suspended with dual springs beneath the seat and a pivot just behind the headset.

The bike was certainly pulled out of a barn in Texas, having not seen the light of day for decades (although the Specialized sticker somewhat betrays that theory), but despite this neglect it’s in rather good shape. It’ll take some work to renew the gleam of the hi-ten frame, but should clean up well.

Wheels has plans to beef up the suspension with modified motorcycle springs.

It’s difficult to get the perspective of the size of the bike without someone seated on it, but it is surprisingly large.

At a 6′ 2″ I was able to sit in the saddle and put both my feet on the floor, but just barely.

If the crank wasn’t akin to what you might find on a toddler bike, you might think it was designed with adult riders in mind

When done, this will be one mean rally bike!


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