More Work = Less Blog

These past two weeks have been absolutely insane.

New Buyers and investors have realized that it’s time to act.

Private sellers and banks alike have become realistic in their pricing, and the good deals are getting snatched up very quickly.

In the past two weeks I have shown over 100 homes in the Minneapolis area.

On any single day that I’m with a buyer, I would usually insist on seeing not more then 6-8 homes, just to keep them all from blurring into one another.

Now it’s more like 10-12 homes in a day, just to take in as much of what is available. There are some homes that you walk into knowing that you’ll spend the time investigating the mechanicals, roof, and foundation carefully, others you know you’ll walk into, take a quick look (or smell) and walk right back out.

I’ve put two deals on the books this week for first time homebuyers.

Both had held out for homes they wanted and even got outbid on close to full price offers, only to find something they liked better, and at a better price shortly thereafter.

A month ago, I would counsel any buyer to bid at least 10k under asking price, and many times the sellers would jump on it.

Now the rules have changed. The majority of homes currently on the market in Minneapolis are now priced right. Coming in with a low-ball offer just to see how desperate the seller is just isn’t flying right now.

New properties are still coming on the scene everyday, and home that have been out there forever have come down to almost unbelievable prices.

It’s getting warmer.

The late snow is nearly just a memory.

Let’s Roll!


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