Cycling Home Tour Season Has Begun!

I have now done all my work appointments by bike for three days.

I even showed properties on Sunday by bicycle.

It’s such a relief, especially in light of my first $50 tank of gas!

This is going to be the season. Everyone will HAVE to change their transportation habits.

And that includes the way they shop for a home.

I just received a testimonial from a recent Cycling Home Tour client:

“Hey Christopher,

Just wanted to thank you again for all the help with our house! We definitely got to know the city better on bikes than we could have with any car-bound Realtor. What could be better than cruising from house to house? – fast enough to see a lot of houses but slow enough to take a look around us. Thanks for taking the time to plan our routes carefully so we really got a feel for the neighborhoods. And thanks even more for all your expert advice in the process of making an offer, negotiating, and buying!

-Colin DeYoung

The market is ready for qualified buyers.

Properties are priced right.

Interest rates are incredibly low, and not likely to remain this low much longer.


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