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Dusting Off

M.K. Smith, Special to the Star Tribune

Articles like THIS have been appearing in every major newspaper nationwide. Every week you can find a feature about how $4 gasoline has got people dusting off long neglected bikes and riding them to work, to school, and to the store.

Bike shops around the city routinely sell out of racks, panniers, and baskets trying to keep up with the demand.

Go into any shop in town, any day of the week, and walk back to the service center. Every mechanic stand will have a twenty year old bike clamped to it, getting a new chain, tires or fresh cables and housing along with that tune-up so the bike will work properly.

It’s about time.

I myself have helped resurrect a number of friend’s bikes lately so that people can bag their car.

The phenomenon is changing the way a number of industries operate.

Guess I was just ahead of the curve.


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