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A woman rolled into The Hub this weekend on one of these.

From a distance it looked like a monstrosity, some kind of “automatic shift” bike you might buy from an info-merecial.

But upon close inspection I saw that it was actually a well made “pedal-assist” bike made here in Minneapolis.

I’ve seen a couple production models from some of the established bike manufacturers. Their owners always rave about them, but they have been on the spendy side.

The price on these seems very reasonable for the way they are spec’d out.

I ran some numbers on the battery life and if you ran it five days a week you’d probably get two to three years out of the unit, so the cost of the replacement batteries needs to be considered. I put in a call to the manufacturer, and replacement batteries will cost $375.

For some people, who may not be able to handle long distances, or strenuous hills and such, this could be just the ticket to help them dump their car and start “zoomin'”.


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