Powderhorn CycloCross-Canceled

From Joel at The Hub Bike Co-Op:

We got a visit yesterday from Obie Kipper, the Minnehaha District Manager for the Park Board, so that he could personally inform us that the there were no venues in his district that would be appropriate for a cyclocross race. We spent a lot of effort and time trying to convince the Park Board otherwise and have seemingly exhausted our appeals for now. Hopefully the bike racing community can organize around this and try to reverse the decision for future years. As the promoters we feel the location of our race was an integral part of it and so we have decided to cancel our race for this year.

Ye Gods!

I’ve heard tell that they have had a simialr problem getting a permit for the Boom Island race as well, which, if it’s true, would cut the local cyclocross calendar by a third.

I have trouble understanding how the city with the one of the best cycling infrastructures for commuters in the US (second only to Portland in a recent poll) can be so hostile toward supporting cycling sports in their park system.

Where’s the Mayor when you need him?


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