Preparing for The Big Show

I’m going to InterBike in a few days.

In all my years in the cycling related industries I’ve never felt the need to attend, but this year i am going to press the flesh, ride a lot of cool bikes at the Outdoor Demo and check out what the cycling industry has to offer for the coming season.

Since signing up I’ve be inundated with invitations to dozens of booths to check out certain vendors.

Some I’m very interested in, others i would go near if you paid me.

But I’m getting the feeling that there is going to be a dramatic shift in the industry next year to create products for the utilitarian cyclist.

I predict Bakfiets sales are going to go through the roof.

or at least garner more interest then ever before.

Also destined to appear in a store near you are bikes you can ride in pressed trousers and still show up to work looking good.

Yeah, what was old, is new again.

Also, pedal assist bikes are going to take off as well.

Once they get REALLY smart and make a cargo version, you’ll even see one of those in my quiver

Believe it!

Expect a full report upon my return, and wish me luck. Las Vegas and I have never vibrated at the same frequency, if you know what I mean.


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