Big News

After my best Spring and Summer to date, these past few months saw business come to a painful, grinding halt.

I had to reflect on what was important to me, and whether or not to continue to sell homes in light of the economy and harder work dealing with corporate entities in order to make dwindling returns.

I’m delighted to report that I have decided to sally forth.

I truly believe that I have created a model to which the real estate industry will turn to and say “That’s a really good idea!”.

But I had to find a new place to hang my hat. The relationship with my former broker had served me well and taught me much as I built my business, but it was definitely time for a change.

I am now a proud member of Luke Team Real Estate.

What does this mean to you, my friends and clients? Nothing really. My services will remain exactly as they were. I will continue to provide professional real estate services to both buyers and sellers.

I’ll continue to operate in the Twin Cities Metro area, focusing on Minneapolis proper, and specializing in providing my unique Cycling Home Tours to buyers who are looking to not only find a new home, but to connect themselves with their new neighborhoods, all while doing the right thing by reducing our reliance on the automobile.

I await your call, just do me a favor and wait a day or two for this current deep freeze to pass. The grease in my freewheel froze up yesterday.

In other news….

I am also now a official Worker/Owner in The Hub Bike Co-Op.

I joined the unique crew at The Hub late last spring as a senior buyer, and have since fallen in love with this eclectic crew, and am overjoyed to say that I now have a stake in it’s future and look forward to contributing to it’s growth and success.

Stop in and see me sometime.


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    Rich said,

    congrats on the new coop-ownership at the hub and for the decision to sally forth in real estate! i have not heard that phrase in a long time (maybe since robin williams played popeye?) but keep using it and keep selling homes on bikes, but not homes built on bikes, although that is an idea.

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