Hot Sales In The Cold Weather

Since getting back on this crazy Real Estate train last week. I’ve been amazed at the incredible amount of activity out there.

People are buying homes all over the metro area, and in my stomping grounds in particular.

Banks have gotten smart. Rather then pricing homes at what they believe to be the current market rate, they are putting them on the stump at drastically reduced prices. Prices on par for what the home might have sold for ten years ago, before the housing bubble over-inflated.

Serious first time home buyers and bargain hunters are snatching them up, quickly.

A good home, priced right, finds itself  dealing with multiple offers, and in several cases the price is driven up above list price, showing the lenders and corporations who own them what the REAL market value of the property actually is.

Not to suggest that everything for sale right now is corporate or bank owned. Well maintained, seller occupied homes are selling at prices that would have seemed unimaginable to me as recently as last spring.

If you have been on the fence about whether to buy, I suggest you jump down and go speak to a qualified loan officer.

Interest rates are insanely low, and probably won’t remain that way for much longer.

Then give me a call and a hunting we will go.


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