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Smartest Thing I Saw Today

I was at the Frostbike trade show this weekend.

Seeing as QBP is in our backyard, attendance isn’t nearly as cool for me as it is for out-of -towners who’ve never had a chance to marvel at the spectacle that is the largest bike parts distributor in the known world.

I usually just go for the free lunch.

This year was a little different. I went with an agenda to solidify The Hub Bike Co-Op’s relationship with Civia

The New Civia Loring

And to take advantage of some one-time deals on some key accessories.

While walking the vendor gauntlet I came across a curious, if not poorly named, lock company, Pinhead.

This combo gives a bike owner a one key security system for their entire bike; Frame, wheels, seatpost and headset.

They even have a cable lock in the works that will plug into a usb port on your laptop to keep it from being stolen while you run off to the restroom at the coffeeshop.

I’m going to field test one of these and get back to you on it’s effectiveness and ease of use.

Other cool-age included some styley hand-built wheelsets

Nice Brooks Saddles

And some words of caution direct from the Knog rep: My new rack-less panniers really do need a re-design, it’s not just my imagination. My own fault for investing in first generation pannier technology.


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Minneapolis Advantage Program

I’ve got a number of first time homebuyer clients who are looking for assistance in making their downpayments and closing costs.

Minneapolis has an excellent program that can help them do just that.

What is the Minneapolis Advantage Program?

The Minneapolis City Council approved a demonstration program, the Minneapolis Advantage Program, a downpayment and closing cost assistance program to help rebuild the housing market in key neighborhoods that have experienced mortgage foreclosures. The demonstration program provided $10,000 deferred loans to buyers of houses in neighborhoods heavily impacted by foreclosures. The program was funded by $500,000 which allowed for 50 loans, forgiven over a five-year period.

Here’s a link to a map of areas that qualify for the program.

In order for a property to qualify, it must either be in foreclosure (I’ve heard from more then one reliable lender that vacant properties will also qualify).

The fund is, at the moment, dry. However a new, significantly larger, allotment is being released on March 1st, 2009.

The money is available on a first come/first served basis and you must have a fully actuated purchase agreement (all parties have agreed to the terms of the agreement and signed all documents) in place before applying.

This is an amazing opportunity. Ask your lender about it, and then give me a call.

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Prettiest Thing I’ve Seen Today

I’m speechless.

No idea if you can buy these anywhere in the U.S.

More cycling footwear worth drooling over HERE

Thanks Rich (go back to work).

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Whoops, Almost Forgot

I’ve been so busy, I nearly forgot about The Blog.

I’ve never seen so much action during Winter months

But don’t take my word for it, check the stats:

Here’s the briefing:

New Listings are down 10-16%-Less new inventory on the Market

Pending sales are up-17-25%-More homes are selling

Active Listings are down 12%– Once again, Less Inventory, making shopping less overwhelming. But trust me, there is still a wealth of choices.

Average Days on Market: back to the same level as 2007-146 Days

Percent of Original Price Received at Sale: Down to 89%-Sellers still getting less then what they perceive their home to be wort (i.e.: Buyer’s Market continues)

Question? I’m always ready.

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Busy, Busy, Busy….

Things have really ramped up with the warmer weather.

I showed over 40 homes last week. It’s amazing the varying states of upgrades (and habitability) that homes in the same price range can have.

Remember, I’m never too busy for your questions or referrals.

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Winter Cycling In Minneapolis

It was a big weekend in the world of Winter Cycling here in Minneapolis.

This year’s City of Lakes Loppet incorporated an ice cycling event.

For thoseĀ  “underground” folk, there was the 12th annual running of The Stupor Bowl.

And for the arty types there was more ice racing out at The Art Shanties on Medicine Lake.

So what, you may ask, was I doing last weekend?

Showing houses.

I was only a little bummed to be missing all the fun.

Trust me. I’m very pleased to have plenty of Real Estate to do on the weekends at the end of January.

Keep it coming.

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