Smartest Thing I Saw Today

I was at the Frostbike trade show this weekend.

Seeing as QBP is in our backyard, attendance isn’t nearly as cool for me as it is for out-of -towners who’ve never had a chance to marvel at the spectacle that is the largest bike parts distributor in the known world.

I usually just go for the free lunch.

This year was a little different. I went with an agenda to solidify The Hub Bike Co-Op’s relationship with Civia

The New Civia Loring

And to take advantage of some one-time deals on some key accessories.

While walking the vendor gauntlet I came across a curious, if not poorly named, lock company, Pinhead.

This combo gives a bike owner a one key security system for their entire bike; Frame, wheels, seatpost and headset.

They even have a cable lock in the works that will plug into a usb port on your laptop to keep it from being stolen while you run off to the restroom at the coffeeshop.

I’m going to field test one of these and get back to you on it’s effectiveness and ease of use.

Other cool-age included some styley hand-built wheelsets

Nice Brooks Saddles

And some words of caution direct from the Knog rep: My new rack-less panniers really do need a re-design, it’s not just my imagination. My own fault for investing in first generation pannier technology.


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