Mid-March Madness

With several days left in this month of March, 2009, I’ve got two full days of Cycling Home Tours under my belt, and two more scheduled before the week is over.

I packed up the winter bike (Electra Street Rod 7) on Monday and broke out the skinny tires on the cyclo-cross bike, and man, did that feel good!

Business at The Hub Bike Co-op has been gangbusters as well. Our bike sales for this winter were up 46% from last year!

Today I sat down with one of my product reps who handles a great many of the parts and accessories that I purchase for the shop. Today we we’re looking at clothing for next fall/winter season.

He had a new line with him, Showers Pass, quality rain and cold weather gear.

Nice stuff.

After he was done, I inquired about testing some samples.

I wound up shelling out for their new Portland Jacket.

Fully waterproof, comfortable as all-get-out, and just enough grey tweed style to make the retro-grouch in me very, very happy.

I rode it all afternoon and evening while showing houses, and it is surprisingly warm. It was a chilly night, and the cold air never got past the new hotness.

Dig it.


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