What’s Hot at The Hub

As you might imagine, things are picking up at The Hub Bike Co-Op. 40 degrees seems to be the magic number, and with the possibility of highs near 60 today it could be a very busy day.

Here’s what folks seem to be gravitating to at the Minnehaha location:

The Giant Defy 3

A great, well-spec’d first road bike. Shorter top tube for a slightly more upright positioning then a traditional road bike, hyrdo-formed tubing for vertical compliance, mix of Sora/Tiagra components, carbon fiber seatpost and fork make for a no-brainer for those looking for a new way to ride. Particularly popular with the first time tri-athletes.

White Vittoria Zaffiro Pro

White tires in general are flying out the door. There’s this kevlar beaded 700×23 Zaffiro, and the 700×35 Randonneur. I pre-seasoned what I thought would be enough to get me through April, and we sold out by March, 1st, long before the streets were “clean”.

I was a bit flabbergasted by that. I’ve re-ordered twice as many and they should be back in the store the first week of April.

Velocity Deep V rims and wheels

What can I say; The Kids Love ’em. Colors. colors, colors!

Also this week, the much awaited bikes from Vicious Cycles will arrive

The Casual Agent

An amazing cro-moly tubeset with all the bells and whistles. An epic bike, for the epic cyclist.

Over at the West Bank store it’s all about Surly

Long Haul Trucker

LHT’s, Crosschecks, Steamrollers, Big Dummy Cargo bikes, even a fair number of Pugsleys.

You want it, they probably have one built up in your size and ready to ride at the West Bank Hub.

Finally, check out Orbea

The Orca

Looking for the ride of your life? Look no further.

Built with Co-Op pride in the heart of the Pyrenees.

See you at the shop.


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