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Keeping The Greenway safe for the GREEN WAY!

You’ll have to forgive the obscure fIREHOSE reference. I’m a child of the 80’s.

From The Strib:

Dateline Minneapolis: Night patrol

Volunteers patrol the Midtown Greenway and a connecting bike trail to help discourage further attacks.

Mark Ambroe lives in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood and works at a West Bank bike shop. That means he commutes twice each weekday on the Midtown Greenway. He uses it even more on weekends. ¶ That prompted him to volunteer when the Midtown Greenway Coalition, the advocacy group for the bike-walk paths paralleling Lake Street, put out a call for volunteers for night patrols. He describes his motivation as “a sense of responsibility to protect a very valuable community asset.” ¶ The night patrols, on which Dateline Minneapolis tagged along one night last week, are intended to raise the level of security for bikers using the greenway after dark. They were prompted by a spate of muggings on the greenway, and also on the Hiawatha trail that runs alongside the light-rail line and connects downtown and the greenway. Those attacks occurred late last fall, the time of year when bike traffic drops and night falls earlier.

They were the last such reports until May 14, when a lone biker was knocked down and robbed by three youths, losing $3, according to police. The bike patrol happened by shortly afterward, contacted 911, helped the biker gather his scattered groceries, and waited with him until police arrived.

It’s an incident that gives a renewed sense of purpose to the 45 regular or occasional volunteers signed up for patrol duty.

“It has the same problems every other part of the city has and that’s a shame,” said 73-year-old volunteer Paul Caspersen of the greenway. “Everybody in the city can do something to make it safer. This is the one place I can do something.”


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In The News

If we haven’t hit bottom, there can’t be far to go.

Twin Cities-area home price drop was nation’s largest

By SUSAN FEYDER, Star Tribune

Last update: May 27, 2009 – 12:06 AM

Twin Cities area home prices dropped sharply again in March as buyers continued to take advantage of bargains on distressed properties, according to a widely read gauge of U.S. home sales.

The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller national home price index reported Tuesday that home sale prices in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area fell 6.1 percent from February. That’s the largest monthly decline of any metro area in the 21-year history of the benchmark. The average monthly decline for 20 major markets was 2.2 percent. Charlotte, N.C., and Denver managed to show slight month-to-month increases, while prices in Dallas were unchanged from February to March.

The year-over-year decline from March 2008 for the Twin Cities was 23.3 percent, according to S&P. That was steeper than the 18.7 percent average drop for the 20 major markets, but not as significant as some metropolitan areas such as Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Francisco, where prices fell by more than 30 percent from a year ago.

David Blitzer, chairman of S&P’s index committee, said researchers believe the sharp monthly price decline in the Twin Cities area was caused by an unusually large number of foreclosure-related sales. Steve Havig, president of the Mineapolis Area Association of Realtors, agreed.

“There has been a large inventory of properties that has gone on the market in lender-mediated sales,” Havig said. In March they accounted for 60.5 percent and in April for 46 percent of homes sold in the Twin Cities area, he said.

Havig said his association believes it will take one to two years to work through the inventory of distressed properties in the Twin Cities area.

“The pricing has been very aggressive. We’re now beginning to see multiple offers on some of these lender-mediated sales — so much that it’s actually starting to push prices up somewhat,” Havig said. He said the association believes local prices could bottom out in the next month or so.

All this is accurate. Well priced home, even “destressed properties are garnering multiple offers withing hours of hitting the market.

You gotta be ready to move fast.

If you’re ready, give me a call.

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The Devil Has Arrived

Handsome that is….

Handsome box

The Devil

4130 Double-Butted CroMo

Longest Uncut Steertube In The Industry

The Devil 2

All the braze-ons needed for loaded touring

Horizontal Drops for single speed or multi-speed set-up

Plus, it’s just damn good looking

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5th Annual Bike/Walk To Work Day- May 14th

A message from the City of Minneapolis’ Bike Walk Ambassadors:

It’s Time for the 5th Annual Bike Walk to Work Day & We Need You!

The 5th Annual Bike Walk to Work (or School) Day Celebration is Thursday, May 14th. Bike Walk Week is May 10th-16th. Last Year over 2,500 people pledged to bike, walk, or extend a trip with transit without using a car! Bike Walk Week is all about celebrating bicycling and walking. You can also win great stuff.

This year we want to have 5,000 people who pledge to get around greener, healthier, happier, and cheaper. Here is how you can help:

1. Register yourself for Bike Walk Week. REGISTER NOW

2. Get someone you know to register. There are lots of ways you can help others to replace at least one car trip. Check out the Spread the Word website for more information.

3. Visit a Celebration Location on Bike Walk to Work (or School) Day on Thursday, May 14th. For a list of locations and deals click here.

4. Volunteer for Bike Walk to Work Day events. For details about how you can support Bike Walk Week click here. You can also directly contact Jacqueline Scott-Hopkins or call 612.333.3410.

Of course for some of us, nearly EVERYDAY is Bike To Work Day

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Another One…

3019 Grand St. NE

I’ve learn that there are no easy deals in this market.

But this one…..both the buyer and I worked tirelessly to bring this one to a successful end.

When considering purchasing a foreclosed home, the buyer needs to be ready for a three ring circus.

Is it worth it…OH, YEAH!

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