Keeping The Greenway safe for the GREEN WAY!

You’ll have to forgive the obscure fIREHOSE reference. I’m a child of the 80’s.

From The Strib:

Dateline Minneapolis: Night patrol

Volunteers patrol the Midtown Greenway and a connecting bike trail to help discourage further attacks.

Mark Ambroe lives in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood and works at a West Bank bike shop. That means he commutes twice each weekday on the Midtown Greenway. He uses it even more on weekends. ¶ That prompted him to volunteer when the Midtown Greenway Coalition, the advocacy group for the bike-walk paths paralleling Lake Street, put out a call for volunteers for night patrols. He describes his motivation as “a sense of responsibility to protect a very valuable community asset.” ¶ The night patrols, on which Dateline Minneapolis tagged along one night last week, are intended to raise the level of security for bikers using the greenway after dark. They were prompted by a spate of muggings on the greenway, and also on the Hiawatha trail that runs alongside the light-rail line and connects downtown and the greenway. Those attacks occurred late last fall, the time of year when bike traffic drops and night falls earlier.

They were the last such reports until May 14, when a lone biker was knocked down and robbed by three youths, losing $3, according to police. The bike patrol happened by shortly afterward, contacted 911, helped the biker gather his scattered groceries, and waited with him until police arrived.

It’s an incident that gives a renewed sense of purpose to the 45 regular or occasional volunteers signed up for patrol duty.

“It has the same problems every other part of the city has and that’s a shame,” said 73-year-old volunteer Paul Caspersen of the greenway. “Everybody in the city can do something to make it safer. This is the one place I can do something.”


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