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I HEART the Minneapolis Advantage Program

I’ve got a client who, rather then bringing money to cover her down payment and closing costs,  is being handed a sizable check at the the closing table along with the keys to her new house (which the buyer got at a very good price).

Make no mistake, it’s been a challenge. Between the bank who owns the property, the lender, the underwriter, the REO company, the inpector, the appraiser(s)….it’s been a protracted battle royale to get this deal done.

But worth it in the end.

For more information of the Minneapolis Advantage Program click HERE or give me a call.


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One of the World’s Finest….

Minneapolis’ reputation as one of the best cities for cycllists has gone international!

Minneapolis rated among world’s best biking cities

by Elizabeth Baier, Minnesota Public Radio

June 24, 2009

St. Paul, Minn. — An international travel magazine has named Minneapolis one of the top biking cities in the world.

The city is one of three in the U.S. that made the list of top biking towns, according to Travel and Leisure’s June 2009 issue. The other two were Portland, Ore. and Seattle, Wash.

“Minneapolis has built an infrastructure that promotes bicycling on many fronts,” according to the Travel and Leisure ranking. “From bike lockers and designated street lanes, to recreational trails and snowplows dedicated to clearing off-street paths, a system exists to make transportation on a bike efficient, safe, and hassle-free.”

We Rock!

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No such thing as bad press

A group of trade journalists and industry big-wigs made a stop at The Hub Bike Co-Op recently as part of what Bicyling Retailer is calling the BRAIN Tour.

They rode around town (in full lycra) talking to shop owners about local cycling culture and the nature of selling bikes here in the Twin Cities.

You can read the online portion of the article HERE.

A couple other worker/owners and I answered pointed questions about recent trends and the effect of the economic downturn, but what seemed to really take this group of So-Cal cycling folk by surprise was the dramatic success of our Co-Op model, the infrastructure in place to encourage cycling in Minneapolis and the diversity of folks who use it.

My old friend GeneO and I got in the last words about how despite the saturation of retailers in the area, there is little animosity between shops.

We’re far more likely to help one another out in order to please a customer then to bad mouth another shop.

We’ve all be riding, racing and working together for decades, and each shop has it’s strengths and in turn is willing to acknowledge the strenths of our competitors/friends:

Hollywood Cycles and Flanders Bros. keep the roadies happy.

The Alt fills the family owned niche and serves the BMX aficionados, cruiser culture and is one of the oldest skateboard/snowboard shops in the Midwest.

One On One and Cars-R-Coffins have the ‘cult of personality’ and serve up quality vittles and art on top of bikes and service.

While us Hubsters are what we state: A Worker Owned Co-Op selling and servicing “all types of bikes, for all types of people”.

Support your local independent bike shop!

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Landis to race the Nature Valley Grand Prix

After a two year hiatus as a professional pariah, Floyd Landis has returned to competitive cycling with a new team and a new hip.

Read about it HERE.

Get up close at The Uptown Criterium this Friday.

I’ll be with the boys from Handsome Cycles at the start/finish line, showcasing the new whip.

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El Diablo Guapo

It’s finally done.


I had intended to rock some mustache handlebars, but after test riding a pair I decided that they were too narrow and I didn’t care for the body positioning.

I decided to install some Salsa Bell Lap bars. I really like the width and the flared drops.


Also new are the 105 compact cranks with external bearing bottom bracket, and my first Chris King NoThread headset.

I still need to get a new seatpost (I need a silver one. The black just isn’t working) and saddle (Brooks most likely).

But for now, the new Cycling Home Tour machine is complete.

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5th Annual Used Bike Extravaganza

This Saturday and Sunday is the annual Used Bike Extravaganza at the Minnehaha location of  The Hub Bike Co-Op

There will be an ungodly amount of bikes to choose from this weekend. I’ve already seen a number of really nice bikes come through the door for help with pricing and expect many more as the weekend approaches.

Here’s how it works:

Q:  When is it happening?
A:  Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 7th

Q:  Where?
A:  Minnehaha Hub (3020 Minnehaha Avenue South)

Q:  When can customers bring their bikes in for the weekend?
A:  We will be accepting bikes the week before (Monday, June 1st through Friday, June 5th).

Q:  Do the bikes need to work?
A:  Bikes must be in ridable condition.  We will not be performing tune-ups on these bikes (unless it is arranged), so it is the customer’s responsibility to get safety issues fixed before that weekend.

Q:  How will the bike be priced?
A:  Customers will get to ultimately choose the price for their bike(s).  Staff is available to help them with this.

Q:  What if a bike sells that weekend?
A:  Any bike in the Extravaganza will be compensated 100% in store credit.  It will be issued the week after the sale (not available for use during the weekend).

Q:  What type of bikes will be at the sale?
A:  All types.  Customers can bring in any type of bike, so there is usually a large variety to choose from.

So if you’re looking for a great deal on a used bike, looking for a frugal way to expand your quiver, or have a bike you’d like to sell or trade up, get thee to The Hub Bike Co-Op!

I’ll be there all day Saturday. If you come by do me a favor and bring me a Gatorade or something. I’ll be too busy to think.

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