5th Annual Used Bike Extravaganza

This Saturday and Sunday is the annual Used Bike Extravaganza at the Minnehaha location of  The Hub Bike Co-Op

There will be an ungodly amount of bikes to choose from this weekend. I’ve already seen a number of really nice bikes come through the door for help with pricing and expect many more as the weekend approaches.

Here’s how it works:

Q:  When is it happening?
A:  Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 7th

Q:  Where?
A:  Minnehaha Hub (3020 Minnehaha Avenue South)

Q:  When can customers bring their bikes in for the weekend?
A:  We will be accepting bikes the week before (Monday, June 1st through Friday, June 5th).

Q:  Do the bikes need to work?
A:  Bikes must be in ridable condition.  We will not be performing tune-ups on these bikes (unless it is arranged), so it is the customer’s responsibility to get safety issues fixed before that weekend.

Q:  How will the bike be priced?
A:  Customers will get to ultimately choose the price for their bike(s).  Staff is available to help them with this.

Q:  What if a bike sells that weekend?
A:  Any bike in the Extravaganza will be compensated 100% in store credit.  It will be issued the week after the sale (not available for use during the weekend).

Q:  What type of bikes will be at the sale?
A:  All types.  Customers can bring in any type of bike, so there is usually a large variety to choose from.

So if you’re looking for a great deal on a used bike, looking for a frugal way to expand your quiver, or have a bike you’d like to sell or trade up, get thee to The Hub Bike Co-Op!

I’ll be there all day Saturday. If you come by do me a favor and bring me a Gatorade or something. I’ll be too busy to think.


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