2008 Minneapolis Bicycle Counts

The numbers are in and there is no denying that more and more people are turning to bikes as a means of transportation.

The 2008 Minneapolis Bicycle & Pedestrian Count was conducted by the Public Works Department, the purpose of which is fourfold

• To understand the relative importance of various streets and trails for bicyclists
and pedestrians.
• To understand the load that bicyclists and pedestrians carry on various streets, in
comparison to motor vehicle occupants and transit riders.
• To understand the extent to which bicyclists use streets versus sidewalks.
• To measure the effects of improvements made to streets, with particular
emphasis on projects funded through the Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot
Program (NTP).
Improved understanding of the former three purposes can be gained in this report.
Measurements of the latter purpose will come in future years as NTP projects are built

Highlights of the report as it pertains to cyclists are:

• The number of bicyclists counted at 30 locations increased by 15% between
2007 and 2008.

• 15th Avenue SE north of 5th Street is the busiest location for biking among 128
count locations, with an estimated 3,570 bicyclists per day.

• East River Parkway north of Franklin Avenue carries the highest bicyclist mode
share (17%), among 65 count locations.

The full report can be viewed as a PDF HERE


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