A Long Needed Update


Sorry for the absence. I have been very busy lately.

We got this deal done for another first time buyer after a roller coaster of emotions trying to buy another home that was a “short-sale”.

Long story short, the house was very nice, and price appropriately, and I advised my buyer to make a full price offer, which was accepted by the homeowner.

Unfortunately we were not informed until afterward that the deal was subject to approval by not just one, but two lenders who held mortgages on the home.

This is a nightmare for a first time buyer, anxious to move into a home they have fallen in love with. Proposed closing dates become irrelevant as corporate entities negotiate with one another to determine if they will even accept the offer, and since both lenders are going to lose money should the deal close, who is going to take the (bigger) hit.

My buyer held on for a month and a half, until I finally advised her to pull the plug and keep looking.

The next day, we found a better home, for less money, and this one was owned free-and-clear.

After months of waiting, we shifted into super-high gear and we closed that deal in less then two weeks.

I also (re)listed a home in the Kenny neighborhood, and then went on a much needed vacation in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

When I returned, I found that the listing had been sold! That was a first for me.


Thanks for your patience while I sorted things out. Trust that business has been great. This spring and summer has been my busiest and best yet, but I’m looking for new buyer clients.

Especially ones who want to do Cycling Home Tours!

Interest rates are still great, and most homes on the market are price appropriately.

Give me a call!


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