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David Byrne’s Bike Racks

Former Talking Heads front-man, and Alt customer, is making bike racks for NYC

I lost both the elm trees in my boulevard this fall.

A lot of people have been encouraging me to call the park system to get on the waiting list for replacement trees.

I’d rather do something like this.

Granted, there isn’t many occasions for multiple bikes, that aren’t my own, to be parked in  front of my house.



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2008 Minneapolis Bicycle Counts

The numbers are in and there is no denying that more and more people are turning to bikes as a means of transportation.

The 2008 Minneapolis Bicycle & Pedestrian Count was conducted by the Public Works Department, the purpose of which is fourfold

• To understand the relative importance of various streets and trails for bicyclists
and pedestrians.
• To understand the load that bicyclists and pedestrians carry on various streets, in
comparison to motor vehicle occupants and transit riders.
• To understand the extent to which bicyclists use streets versus sidewalks.
• To measure the effects of improvements made to streets, with particular
emphasis on projects funded through the Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot
Program (NTP).
Improved understanding of the former three purposes can be gained in this report.
Measurements of the latter purpose will come in future years as NTP projects are built

Highlights of the report as it pertains to cyclists are:

• The number of bicyclists counted at 30 locations increased by 15% between
2007 and 2008.

• 15th Avenue SE north of 5th Street is the busiest location for biking among 128
count locations, with an estimated 3,570 bicyclists per day.

• East River Parkway north of Franklin Avenue carries the highest bicyclist mode
share (17%), among 65 count locations.

The full report can be viewed as a PDF HERE

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Beginning Aug. 5th, 2009, The Hub Bike Co-Op is having an extraordinary sale. You are able to purchase select, in-store 2009 models of bikes at the same price we, the workers at The Hub, pay.

Bikes from Giant, Bianchi, Marin, Orbea, Civia, Vicious and Redline are all priced from 10%-30% off our normal low prices.

If you’ve been waiting for prices to come down before you bought your new bike, WAIT NO LONGER!

Here are just a few examples of the ridiculously low prices:

Bianchi Pista was $699.99; NOW $489.99

Bianchi San Jose was $799.99; NOW $559.99

Bianchi Parco was $519.99; NOW $363.99

Redline 925 (our best selling bike!) was $579.99; NOW $405.99

Vicious Casual Agent was $2399.99; NOW $1679.99

Civia Hyland Alfine was $2160.99; NOW $1512.69

Marin Muirwoods 29er was $629.99; NOW $440.99

Marin Alpine Trail was $729.99; NOW $510.99

All New Bikes Receive The Hub Bike Co-Op’s Exclusive CUSTOMER CARE PACKAGE, as well as 10-15% off all accessories for up to a month from the date of purchase!

This sale is going on at both locations of The Hub Bike Co-Op
3020 Minnehaha Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55406
301 Cedar Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

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Big Sale News-Shameless Plug

During the Tour de France, The Hub Bike Co-Op is having a sale on some excellent bikes, accessories and key components.

– 10% or more off road bikes (includes special orders and custom builds)

Civia, Orbea, and Vicious bikes on sale

– 15% off shoe pedal combos

– Tons of apparel discounted

But here’s my favorite part;


For the duration of the sale, all of our track/singlespeed wheelsets are 10-40% off!!!!!

DP18 wheels, in all colors (normally $199-$220) are now $179.99!

All Velocity Deep-V wheels (normally$299-$420) are now $250.00!

To make things even better, The Hub has just acquired every Dia-Compe MX-806 brake that we could get our hands on, I’m willing to bet we’re the only shop in the Midwest that has ’em!

These are the ONLY long reach, dual-pivot calipers that work on bikes with forks on older 27″ wheeled bikes (these usually cannot accept modern brakes with recessed bolts, unless you drill out the fork, sketchy). Now you can finally convert the old 27″ wheels to those pimp 700c wheels you’ve had your eyes on, save a bunch of $$$, AND be able to actually stop!

We have these brakes in silver and black for $28.99.

Time to take that old road frame and give it a second life as your new fixed gear/commuter/hipster/cool cat about town bike.

I’ll be there all weekend, just ask for Christopher.

Do It! Then go watch the Tour at the Riverview Theater (how cool is that?).

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One of the World’s Finest….

Minneapolis’ reputation as one of the best cities for cycllists has gone international!

Minneapolis rated among world’s best biking cities

by Elizabeth Baier, Minnesota Public Radio

June 24, 2009

St. Paul, Minn. — An international travel magazine has named Minneapolis one of the top biking cities in the world.

The city is one of three in the U.S. that made the list of top biking towns, according to Travel and Leisure’s June 2009 issue. The other two were Portland, Ore. and Seattle, Wash.

“Minneapolis has built an infrastructure that promotes bicycling on many fronts,” according to the Travel and Leisure ranking. “From bike lockers and designated street lanes, to recreational trails and snowplows dedicated to clearing off-street paths, a system exists to make transportation on a bike efficient, safe, and hassle-free.”

We Rock!

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No such thing as bad press

A group of trade journalists and industry big-wigs made a stop at The Hub Bike Co-Op recently as part of what Bicyling Retailer is calling the BRAIN Tour.

They rode around town (in full lycra) talking to shop owners about local cycling culture and the nature of selling bikes here in the Twin Cities.

You can read the online portion of the article HERE.

A couple other worker/owners and I answered pointed questions about recent trends and the effect of the economic downturn, but what seemed to really take this group of So-Cal cycling folk by surprise was the dramatic success of our Co-Op model, the infrastructure in place to encourage cycling in Minneapolis and the diversity of folks who use it.

My old friend GeneO and I got in the last words about how despite the saturation of retailers in the area, there is little animosity between shops.

We’re far more likely to help one another out in order to please a customer then to bad mouth another shop.

We’ve all be riding, racing and working together for decades, and each shop has it’s strengths and in turn is willing to acknowledge the strenths of our competitors/friends:

Hollywood Cycles and Flanders Bros. keep the roadies happy.

The Alt fills the family owned niche and serves the BMX aficionados, cruiser culture and is one of the oldest skateboard/snowboard shops in the Midwest.

One On One and Cars-R-Coffins have the ‘cult of personality’ and serve up quality vittles and art on top of bikes and service.

While us Hubsters are what we state: A Worker Owned Co-Op selling and servicing “all types of bikes, for all types of people”.

Support your local independent bike shop!

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Landis to race the Nature Valley Grand Prix

After a two year hiatus as a professional pariah, Floyd Landis has returned to competitive cycling with a new team and a new hip.

Read about it HERE.

Get up close at The Uptown Criterium this Friday.

I’ll be with the boys from Handsome Cycles at the start/finish line, showcasing the new whip.

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