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Beginning Aug. 5th, 2009, The Hub Bike Co-Op is having an extraordinary sale. You are able to purchase select, in-store 2009 models of bikes at the same price we, the workers at The Hub, pay.

Bikes from Giant, Bianchi, Marin, Orbea, Civia, Vicious and Redline are all priced from 10%-30% off our normal low prices.

If you’ve been waiting for prices to come down before you bought your new bike, WAIT NO LONGER!

Here are just a few examples of the ridiculously low prices:

Bianchi Pista was $699.99; NOW $489.99

Bianchi San Jose was $799.99; NOW $559.99

Bianchi Parco was $519.99; NOW $363.99

Redline 925 (our best selling bike!) was $579.99; NOW $405.99

Vicious Casual Agent was $2399.99; NOW $1679.99

Civia Hyland Alfine was $2160.99; NOW $1512.69

Marin Muirwoods 29er was $629.99; NOW $440.99

Marin Alpine Trail was $729.99; NOW $510.99

All New Bikes Receive The Hub Bike Co-Op’s Exclusive CUSTOMER CARE PACKAGE, as well as 10-15% off all accessories for up to a month from the date of purchase!

This sale is going on at both locations of The Hub Bike Co-Op
3020 Minnehaha Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55406
301 Cedar Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454


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Big Sale News-Shameless Plug

During the Tour de France, The Hub Bike Co-Op is having a sale on some excellent bikes, accessories and key components.

– 10% or more off road bikes (includes special orders and custom builds)

Civia, Orbea, and Vicious bikes on sale

– 15% off shoe pedal combos

– Tons of apparel discounted

But here’s my favorite part;


For the duration of the sale, all of our track/singlespeed wheelsets are 10-40% off!!!!!

DP18 wheels, in all colors (normally $199-$220) are now $179.99!

All Velocity Deep-V wheels (normally$299-$420) are now $250.00!

To make things even better, The Hub has just acquired every Dia-Compe MX-806 brake that we could get our hands on, I’m willing to bet we’re the only shop in the Midwest that has ’em!

These are the ONLY long reach, dual-pivot calipers that work on bikes with forks on older 27″ wheeled bikes (these usually cannot accept modern brakes with recessed bolts, unless you drill out the fork, sketchy). Now you can finally convert the old 27″ wheels to those pimp 700c wheels you’ve had your eyes on, save a bunch of $$$, AND be able to actually stop!

We have these brakes in silver and black for $28.99.

Time to take that old road frame and give it a second life as your new fixed gear/commuter/hipster/cool cat about town bike.

I’ll be there all weekend, just ask for Christopher.

Do It! Then go watch the Tour at the Riverview Theater (how cool is that?).

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El Diablo Guapo

It’s finally done.


I had intended to rock some mustache handlebars, but after test riding a pair I decided that they were too narrow and I didn’t care for the body positioning.

I decided to install some Salsa Bell Lap bars. I really like the width and the flared drops.


Also new are the 105 compact cranks with external bearing bottom bracket, and my first Chris King NoThread headset.

I still need to get a new seatpost (I need a silver one. The black just isn’t working) and saddle (Brooks most likely).

But for now, the new Cycling Home Tour machine is complete.

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5th Annual Used Bike Extravaganza

This Saturday and Sunday is the annual Used Bike Extravaganza at the Minnehaha location of  The Hub Bike Co-Op

There will be an ungodly amount of bikes to choose from this weekend. I’ve already seen a number of really nice bikes come through the door for help with pricing and expect many more as the weekend approaches.

Here’s how it works:

Q:  When is it happening?
A:  Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 7th

Q:  Where?
A:  Minnehaha Hub (3020 Minnehaha Avenue South)

Q:  When can customers bring their bikes in for the weekend?
A:  We will be accepting bikes the week before (Monday, June 1st through Friday, June 5th).

Q:  Do the bikes need to work?
A:  Bikes must be in ridable condition.  We will not be performing tune-ups on these bikes (unless it is arranged), so it is the customer’s responsibility to get safety issues fixed before that weekend.

Q:  How will the bike be priced?
A:  Customers will get to ultimately choose the price for their bike(s).  Staff is available to help them with this.

Q:  What if a bike sells that weekend?
A:  Any bike in the Extravaganza will be compensated 100% in store credit.  It will be issued the week after the sale (not available for use during the weekend).

Q:  What type of bikes will be at the sale?
A:  All types.  Customers can bring in any type of bike, so there is usually a large variety to choose from.

So if you’re looking for a great deal on a used bike, looking for a frugal way to expand your quiver, or have a bike you’d like to sell or trade up, get thee to The Hub Bike Co-Op!

I’ll be there all day Saturday. If you come by do me a favor and bring me a Gatorade or something. I’ll be too busy to think.

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The Devil Has Arrived

Handsome that is….

Handsome box

The Devil

4130 Double-Butted CroMo

Longest Uncut Steertube In The Industry

The Devil 2

All the braze-ons needed for loaded touring

Horizontal Drops for single speed or multi-speed set-up

Plus, it’s just damn good looking

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What’s Hot at The Hub

As you might imagine, things are picking up at The Hub Bike Co-Op. 40 degrees seems to be the magic number, and with the possibility of highs near 60 today it could be a very busy day.

Here’s what folks seem to be gravitating to at the Minnehaha location:

The Giant Defy 3

A great, well-spec’d first road bike. Shorter top tube for a slightly more upright positioning then a traditional road bike, hyrdo-formed tubing for vertical compliance, mix of Sora/Tiagra components, carbon fiber seatpost and fork make for a no-brainer for those looking for a new way to ride. Particularly popular with the first time tri-athletes.

White Vittoria Zaffiro Pro

White tires in general are flying out the door. There’s this kevlar beaded 700×23 Zaffiro, and the 700×35 Randonneur. I pre-seasoned what I thought would be enough to get me through April, and we sold out by March, 1st, long before the streets were “clean”.

I was a bit flabbergasted by that. I’ve re-ordered twice as many and they should be back in the store the first week of April.

Velocity Deep V rims and wheels

What can I say; The Kids Love ’em. Colors. colors, colors!

Also this week, the much awaited bikes from Vicious Cycles will arrive

The Casual Agent

An amazing cro-moly tubeset with all the bells and whistles. An epic bike, for the epic cyclist.

Over at the West Bank store it’s all about Surly

Long Haul Trucker

LHT’s, Crosschecks, Steamrollers, Big Dummy Cargo bikes, even a fair number of Pugsleys.

You want it, they probably have one built up in your size and ready to ride at the West Bank Hub.

Finally, check out Orbea

The Orca

Looking for the ride of your life? Look no further.

Built with Co-Op pride in the heart of the Pyrenees.

See you at the shop.

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Mid-March Madness

With several days left in this month of March, 2009, I’ve got two full days of Cycling Home Tours under my belt, and two more scheduled before the week is over.

I packed up the winter bike (Electra Street Rod 7) on Monday and broke out the skinny tires on the cyclo-cross bike, and man, did that feel good!

Business at The Hub Bike Co-op has been gangbusters as well. Our bike sales for this winter were up 46% from last year!

Today I sat down with one of my product reps who handles a great many of the parts and accessories that I purchase for the shop. Today we we’re looking at clothing for next fall/winter season.

He had a new line with him, Showers Pass, quality rain and cold weather gear.

Nice stuff.

After he was done, I inquired about testing some samples.

I wound up shelling out for their new Portland Jacket.

Fully waterproof, comfortable as all-get-out, and just enough grey tweed style to make the retro-grouch in me very, very happy.

I rode it all afternoon and evening while showing houses, and it is surprisingly warm. It was a chilly night, and the cold air never got past the new hotness.

Dig it.

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