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New Year Update

It’s that time again.

Memberships to renew. Annual fees to be paid. Educational requirements to meet.

Time to take stock of this crazy business and ask whether or not it’s worth carrying on.

Unlike last year, when I gave serious consideration to packing it in, I have no reservations about continuing to sell real estate in the Twin Cities in 2010.

In fact, I’ve never been more confident in my my ability to grow under these challenging market conditions.

In 2009, I doubled the number of transactions I completed (granted, I had to work MUCH harder to get these deals to the table). I also increased my client  and experience base. I facilitated sales to investors, sold HUD homes, short sales, newly foreclosed properties and became something of an expert in communicating with banks in order to facilitate mortgage modifications.

2009 also saw banks tightening up their requirements, which means that buyers are buying less expensive homes. Appraisers have also cleaned up their act. Gone are the days when appraisers just walked around a prospective home and just told the lender what they wanted to hear to get the deal done.

First time home buyers (still the meat and potatoes of my business) are having a completely different experience then buyers had just a couple years ago; onerous lender requirements (sometimes changing on a daily basis), higher levels of disclosure, greater scrutiny of an individuals ability to pay back the loan…..

Is this bad?

Absolutely not!

Lending practices had gotten so free and loose, that it’s no surprise that the pendulum has swung far in the other direction.

I expect that we have another year or so of challenges ahead; foreclosures, short sales, lender mediated transactions and the like before we see the housing market stabilize.

But whatever the coming year may hold, you can trust that I’ll still be there to serve your real estate needs.

And perhaps more importantly, I’ll still be on my bike.

In fact, I’m on my way to show a few homes in Longfellow.

Thanks for the support.


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5th Annual Bike/Walk To Work Day- May 14th

A message from the City of Minneapolis’ Bike Walk Ambassadors:

It’s Time for the 5th Annual Bike Walk to Work Day & We Need You!

The 5th Annual Bike Walk to Work (or School) Day Celebration is Thursday, May 14th. Bike Walk Week is May 10th-16th. Last Year over 2,500 people pledged to bike, walk, or extend a trip with transit without using a car! Bike Walk Week is all about celebrating bicycling and walking. You can also win great stuff.

This year we want to have 5,000 people who pledge to get around greener, healthier, happier, and cheaper. Here is how you can help:

1. Register yourself for Bike Walk Week. REGISTER NOW

2. Get someone you know to register. There are lots of ways you can help others to replace at least one car trip. Check out the Spread the Word website for more information.

3. Visit a Celebration Location on Bike Walk to Work (or School) Day on Thursday, May 14th. For a list of locations and deals click here.

4. Volunteer for Bike Walk to Work Day events. For details about how you can support Bike Walk Week click here. You can also directly contact Jacqueline Scott-Hopkins or call 612.333.3410.

Of course for some of us, nearly EVERYDAY is Bike To Work Day

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Big News

After my best Spring and Summer to date, these past few months saw business come to a painful, grinding halt.

I had to reflect on what was important to me, and whether or not to continue to sell homes in light of the economy and harder work dealing with corporate entities in order to make dwindling returns.

I’m delighted to report that I have decided to sally forth.

I truly believe that I have created a model to which the real estate industry will turn to and say “That’s a really good idea!”.

But I had to find a new place to hang my hat. The relationship with my former broker had served me well and taught me much as I built my business, but it was definitely time for a change.

I am now a proud member of Luke Team Real Estate.

What does this mean to you, my friends and clients? Nothing really. My services will remain exactly as they were. I will continue to provide professional real estate services to both buyers and sellers.

I’ll continue to operate in the Twin Cities Metro area, focusing on Minneapolis proper, and specializing in providing my unique Cycling Home Tours to buyers who are looking to not only find a new home, but to connect themselves with their new neighborhoods, all while doing the right thing by reducing our reliance on the automobile.

I await your call, just do me a favor and wait a day or two for this current deep freeze to pass. The grease in my freewheel froze up yesterday.

In other news….

I am also now a official Worker/Owner in The Hub Bike Co-Op.

I joined the unique crew at The Hub late last spring as a senior buyer, and have since fallen in love with this eclectic crew, and am overjoyed to say that I now have a stake in it’s future and look forward to contributing to it’s growth and success.

Stop in and see me sometime.

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Eat, drink…ride.

I’ve been on two wheels all week. Yesterday I rode to two showings at townhomes in Minnetonka, shocking the buyer.

It’s all about timing, pace, and nutrition.

Today, I’m breaking out the single and hitting the TWP trail for a warm-up ride. Chances are it’s going to cool off over the weekend.

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History Arrived In The Mail

My good friend Wheels received this in the mail today.

It was produced in the mid-’60’s and is arguably the very first production BMX bike.


Wheels is a former National BMX Champion and an avid collector of vintage 20″ wheeled bikes.

The bike is actually fully suspended with dual springs beneath the seat and a pivot just behind the headset.

The bike was certainly pulled out of a barn in Texas, having not seen the light of day for decades (although the Specialized sticker somewhat betrays that theory), but despite this neglect it’s in rather good shape. It’ll take some work to renew the gleam of the hi-ten frame, but should clean up well.

Wheels has plans to beef up the suspension with modified motorcycle springs.

It’s difficult to get the perspective of the size of the bike without someone seated on it, but it is surprisingly large.

At a 6′ 2″ I was able to sit in the saddle and put both my feet on the floor, but just barely.

If the crank wasn’t akin to what you might find on a toddler bike, you might think it was designed with adult riders in mind

When done, this will be one mean rally bike!

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